I love typography

Today I attended a class of typeface design in Istanbul! Graphic designer and typeface designer Peter Brugger talked about his Matryoshka font, and student work Currywurst, as well as the Reuters font. See the talk here. It feels good to learn something new!


For that special occasion

There is endless inspiration to be found at the Daily Poetics Blog.
Here I picked a few items that I'd love to wear.


Color and sketches of artist Anne Olaug Soleng

Visit my smak & se blog where I showcase my work as an illustrator and graphic designer. Here you can see two pieces which I did today. I scanned drawings from my sketch book, and used the same photo in both works, for color and texture.


48 hours for miracles

Ooo, I do want to follow emmas blog. I really like the neutrals, sort of black and white interiors, with the warmth of teak here and there. She wrote about this office space, which really appeals to me. And that sign on the wall! It would be awesome in my workspace. Me like.


Paul W Ruiz

I am fascinated by the art of Paul W Ruiz, as seen at Lindberg Galleries. His paintings are full of abstractions and details side by side. Makes such interesting contrasts. His colors range from vibrant & strong to dark, muted or gray. Again, contrast is a keyword. Sometimes the canvas is treated in soft calm areas, other times covered roughly, with thick layers of paint.
The people in Ruiz pictures seem to be looking inward, closing themselves to the world around them.

Follow him on facebook ...



From Cut+paste: Birds on Flowers print

At Cut+paste's Etsy shop: Vintage Convertible 1970s Shopper Nylon Tote Bag

CUT + PASTE is an independent online store offering consignment and selling handmade and vintage goods from around the world.


Scandinavian: Norwegian illustrator & Swedish homes

An illustrator whose work I really like and can identify with; Annlaug Auestad's cute cards can be seen & bought on Galleri Prestahuset (epla.no).

Two wonderful kitchen dining spaces at Ikea family live.


Spring, I welcome you

An unexpected snowfall inspired this sping blogpost. Once again everything is covered in white.
Flowery chairs from Moroso called antibodi. Lovely kitchen and skipping rope from Starck, both looking like a piece of jewelry.



B eige and grey! I learned a new word today!

Found this at Greige
1 Art by Sarah Atkinson
2 Greige Design
3 Oliver Gustav's home in Copenhagen
4 Traditional Home

Even though I love strong, bold color I am also loving this greige style. It's elegant and casual at the same time. Notice the use of contrast in shape, color and textures.

The butterfly installation is beautiful. Would be fun to try something similar.



T rying to define my personal style: colorful, contrastfilled, graphic, retro, romantic... etc. Pinning it down exactly is not easy. But lately I feel I have been able to identify it more clearly.
I love the 70-ies, functionalism and a scandinavian feel... Concrete, painted wooden floors and colorful patterns are some of the things that draw me.

Here are a few inspiring norwegian blogs where I have found things I recognize myself in. Kitchen with black details, Verner Panton chairs and yellow cupboard seen atIfraLahell.
The picture with the wooden table and brass globe lamp seen at Kvirrevitt.
Kitchen with the black cupboards and painted white floors: Fjeldborg.


Print & Pattern and A Daily Drop Cap

P rint & Pattern by Bowie Style - the book - arrived in my mail box the other day! I regularly check in on her blog by the same name. A world full of colours and beautiful patterns. She writes about the book:
the 'print & pattern' book was published on 1st march 2010 by laurence king. 120 designers have contributed 750 illustrations from the world of surface design, pattern, textiles, stationery, and greetings.

Here is a site that gives you the daily drop cap by Jessica Hische.


Beaded beauty

These beaded necklaces from Kristina Klarin are all beautiful. Such a delicate use of colour. Delightful!
Looking at these works of art just makes me all bubbly inside.
I have a favourite necklace that is similar to these, but it's getting weary. This would be a good replacement. Even better!
Unfortunaltely they are all sold out, but new ones are coming up, and it's just soo beautiful, it is worth checking out her shop anyway!
Visit Kristina's blog too! I love how she works with colour!


Simple Every Day Beauty

Organic beauty. The traces of my mouse for a few hours of the day.