Swans are elegant

Doing some research on google about the swan. It is such a beautiful and elegant bird. How fascinating that they keep forming a heart with their necks together. Wikipedida says, "Swans usually mate for life." They are sweethearts...


Watercolor delight!

Watercolor and drawing is fun. Check out illustrator Toril Bækmark's work! Beautiful and elegant, with wonderful colors.


Crafting again

I love the heading of this blog: The Purl Bee. It must be one of my favorites when it comes to blog banners!
Just picked up my yarn and needle after some idle years... I am making granny squares! The Purl Bee has a really nice tutorial on classic granny squares. The alternating colors really help distinguishing each round.

Crochet Me seems to be a good place to start if you want inspiration in crocheting. How about these crochet flowers! And Julie Armstrong Holetz book Uncommon Crochet: Twenty-Five Projects Made From Natural Yarns and Alternative Fibers is on my wishlist.