Paper recycling

The Earth is filled with beauty, and we should care for it the best we know. I just watched Oprah's show about Earth Day 2009. It is sad to think how the Oceans are full of plastic trash. A bird caught in a plastic bag. A turtle got a plastic ring stuck around its shell when it was young, and was greatly disfigured as a result. What can each of us do to better the conditions? Terracycle makes new stuff from plastic trash. Like this tote bag made from target plastic bags.

My mail box is constantly filling up with paper. It inspires me to find clever ways to recycle it. These bowls at Jubella are cute, and such an easy project too.
Maybe I could make some boxy ones for organizing jewelry in the bathroom drawer? The frame could be made out of used cardboard, covered with paper scraps for a decorative effect.