The three holy kings

Sweden-based illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius loves the design of the 50ies/60ies. And I am so inspired by her work.
Here's a lovely idea for adding that Christmas feeling to your home in an untraditional way! She bought the lamps at Ikea and painted them as the holy kings, who followed the star to the manger where christ was born! It's SO cool.
– Why didn't I think of that!?


Urban Country Kitchen

This is a little mood board I made, trying to bring together some of the inspiration I've found for my kitchen. It's a scandinavian country style with an urban touch, I guess. Or maybe the other way round.
A couple of designer classics, like the Verner Panton lamp and Eames chair. Pink radio from Tivoli Audio, wall paper from Cole & Son and Koziol drinking bowls.


Look at that bowl!

Nina in Vorm is a dutch student and arts & crafts lover who makes ceramics and screen prints. I love her style. And this bowl at the top of this assemblage of photos is to SOOO gorgeous!



Knack is the name of a store in Greenville, SC, United States. I think the name is about having a knack for nick-nacks? Inspiring makeovers of second hand furniture.


Light up a cup

I love cups and mugs, so I would feel quite at home with these lamps. Go to domestic construction's etsy shop.



Illustina is a norwegian illustrator. I like her naïve style. I am very interested in portraits, so I am showing two of hers here. Wonderful!


Conversation in colors

Led lights under the surface respond to the conversation around this table. tableTalk


Recycled china

I can't believe these rings! They were made from broken porcelain cups or saucers. They were found in a store in Stockholm, Sweden. I stumbeled upon them on the talented illustrator Cecilie Ellefsen's blog.


Enjoying a meal…

…or working on a creative project would be much more inviting at this big chunky dining table. I love my current vintage chairs, but they are falling apart. And the table feels much too small... I've got my eyes on a nice table in solid oak, with oversized legs. And some of these Ikea chairs might go well with it, I think.


Swans are elegant

Doing some research on google about the swan. It is such a beautiful and elegant bird. How fascinating that they keep forming a heart with their necks together. Wikipedida says, "Swans usually mate for life." They are sweethearts...


Watercolor delight!

Watercolor and drawing is fun. Check out illustrator Toril Bækmark's work! Beautiful and elegant, with wonderful colors.


Crafting again

I love the heading of this blog: The Purl Bee. It must be one of my favorites when it comes to blog banners!
Just picked up my yarn and needle after some idle years... I am making granny squares! The Purl Bee has a really nice tutorial on classic granny squares. The alternating colors really help distinguishing each round.

Crochet Me seems to be a good place to start if you want inspiration in crocheting. How about these crochet flowers! And Julie Armstrong Holetz book Uncommon Crochet: Twenty-Five Projects Made From Natural Yarns and Alternative Fibers is on my wishlist.


Soft dividing wall

Oooo, I love kraft paper. Get me one of those, please!

It's a girl!

Someone said: "Every birth is proof that God did not forget mankind."
Perhaps you've seen Children of men. The movie gives a fascinating glimpse of what the world would be if man ever stopped reproducing!
Luckily that's not the case, and my brothers wife gave birth to a baby girl today! It truly is a miracle, every single new person. I wish I could give the new parents and the baby one of the above baby rooms
as a welcome-to-earth gift!

Life is wonderful!


People on the Street

Looking at different people and how they dress is always interesting...
But you don't realize the value of crossing someone on the street, or just generally being around strangers until they're gone...
If you're working out of a home office like me, you might be missing out on those daily dozes of random encounters.
This is Jostein, photographed on the streets of Oslo. One of the items he's wearing is a scarf from Dior Homme. Interesting choice for a boy aged fifteen. His hair is awesome!


Lovely drawings & watercolor from Sweden

Swedish Nina Johansson teaches art and computer graphics. She post her drawings on her blog. And on her website you can even browse her entire sketchbooks. She carries with her wherever she goes, and once they are full of drawings and watercolor, she publishes them for you to enjoy!


Jill Bliss

Gorgeous, floral patterns and drawings. These designs and notebooks are so fresh and the details are beautiful. Sweet spring!

Jill Bliss


Revisiting Oh Joy! Studio

The delightful pattern designs at Oh Joy! Studio make me happy... Here seen on rugs, cards and cookies!


Walnut Wallpaper

I love wallpaper and pattern design.
Walnut Wallpaper is delicious. My very favorite is the swan one. They're such elegant creatures!


Happy anniversary, Umami!

Umami was discovered a 100 years ago (yesterday), by japanese Kikunae Ikeda, who named the fifth discernable taste; UMAMI. Umami is Japanese and means Good or Fresh!

Greeting card from CardMaven at www.etsy.com


Owl and cat

These owl and cat collages are so cool. Crafted by danish designer Sidsel Gaustadnes at Spagat. Love it!


Nathan Fowkes Art

Nathan Fowkes is a Visual developement Artist at DreamWorks. He says: "My day job is at DreamWorks woking in photoshop so I spend as much time as I can outside or at home in the studio sketching with traditional media."
– Great inspiration!