Scandinavian: Norwegian illustrator & Swedish homes

An illustrator whose work I really like and can identify with; Annlaug Auestad's cute cards can be seen & bought on Galleri Prestahuset (epla.no).

Two wonderful kitchen dining spaces at Ikea family live.


Spring, I welcome you

An unexpected snowfall inspired this sping blogpost. Once again everything is covered in white.
Flowery chairs from Moroso called antibodi. Lovely kitchen and skipping rope from Starck, both looking like a piece of jewelry.



B eige and grey! I learned a new word today!

Found this at Greige
1 Art by Sarah Atkinson
2 Greige Design
3 Oliver Gustav's home in Copenhagen
4 Traditional Home

Even though I love strong, bold color I am also loving this greige style. It's elegant and casual at the same time. Notice the use of contrast in shape, color and textures.

The butterfly installation is beautiful. Would be fun to try something similar.



T rying to define my personal style: colorful, contrastfilled, graphic, retro, romantic... etc. Pinning it down exactly is not easy. But lately I feel I have been able to identify it more clearly.
I love the 70-ies, functionalism and a scandinavian feel... Concrete, painted wooden floors and colorful patterns are some of the things that draw me.

Here are a few inspiring norwegian blogs where I have found things I recognize myself in. Kitchen with black details, Verner Panton chairs and yellow cupboard seen atIfraLahell.
The picture with the wooden table and brass globe lamp seen at Kvirrevitt.
Kitchen with the black cupboards and painted white floors: Fjeldborg.