Paper recycling

The Earth is filled with beauty, and we should care for it the best we know. I just watched Oprah's show about Earth Day 2009. It is sad to think how the Oceans are full of plastic trash. A bird caught in a plastic bag. A turtle got a plastic ring stuck around its shell when it was young, and was greatly disfigured as a result. What can each of us do to better the conditions? Terracycle makes new stuff from plastic trash. Like this tote bag made from target plastic bags.

My mail box is constantly filling up with paper. It inspires me to find clever ways to recycle it. These bowls at Jubella are cute, and such an easy project too.
Maybe I could make some boxy ones for organizing jewelry in the bathroom drawer? The frame could be made out of used cardboard, covered with paper scraps for a decorative effect.



Instant inspiration

As soon as I click in on Papya Art, I knew I liked it. Papya Art was founded by a mother/daughter team. I love their credo:

Creative Abandon is our credo. To us it means that we ultimately answer to our creative impulses. We believe in a no apologies policy of artistic & manufacturing experimentation. We will always make paper giveables AND we may just throw a shower curtain into the mix at any time! So be alert. PAPAYA! is a place for exploring, discovering, and enjoying a myriad of goods. It is our goal that you be just as surprised and delighted as we are. It also means we won’t be making anything just because “it sells”. Our promise to you is that everything we make - we love.

So here's a splurge, mostly giclee prints from their decor department, but I am also throwing in two pictures of their wrapping paper.


Anna Maria Horner

Beauty from a mother of six. Textile designer Anna Maria's blog is colorful and inspiring.


Home office

I just fell for this home office seen in a sneak peek at Design*Sponge. I like the yellow details around the apartment. Wallpaper from Ferm Living. Again.


Yellow & Purple

I love the lemony yellow details of this kitchen. And it's got a perfect combination of happy colors, clean lines and raw industrialism which appeals to me. And also the mix of old and new... Does it get any better than this?
Yellow & purple is a nice couple! I believe we will be seeing a lot of them this season. Both found at Sköna Hem.
I find myself craving color. Ferm Livings mushroom wall sticker also comes in colors green, blue and red. But it seems just perfect in orange! Lovely feeling of autumn.
The wallpaper and cushion also feels right right now.


Flap, flap

It all started with some angles flapping their wings on a few greeting cards. Today norwegian Blafre Design delivers a wide range of colorful designs, available in the shape of lunch boxes, printed canvases, birthday calendars, birthday invitations, paper cups and even gift wrapping paper.
The Blafre blog is also a source of inspiration, especially if you like the retro style. I am joining the august competition!


Wallpaper in my heart

Love the combination of green and white. Lovely wallpaper from ferm living.


Rice lamp

After a lot of brainstorming about my Ikea rice lamp, I got the idea of converting it into a hot air balloon. Basically, I'll paint the lamp in muted colors and hang a basket underneath, with a little explorer friend inside.

If you are looking for a less whimsical idea to make over your rice lamp, take a look at Pickles' free crocheted rice lamp pattern. They call it Nordic Light Pendant.

Hot air balloon photo from KDH at sxc.hu.


Wetsuit bag

Husband came home with a gorgeous, brown laptop case from BUILT. I loved the design, and wanted to see more. They have so many cool products in neoprene - the stuff wetsuits are made of. Insulated lunchboxes and bottle totes, expandable shopping bags, and even diaper bags!

The design is original and they show great attention to detail. Lovely colors and fun shapes! How inspiring to see truly good design.


Quirky stuff

Well, I am still checking in on Ikea every now and then. This serving bowl, lamp, stool and these glasses are from the PS collection, and they're very cute and a bit quirky. Won't mind if they were to show up in my home.


New home

My friends are moving, and I wish I could give them these gifts for their new home. Found via Fly!
Wacky paper maché figures from Mumbreeze.
Pillow from Olive.
Painting by Betsy Walton.

I wish you all the best! Takk for nå, og på gjensyn!


Reminds me of home

This home reminds me of home. Not any home in particular. Just what my own home might look like... My favorites are the kitchen shelves and the tall ceiling in the airy dining room.
You can enjoy more of it at Desire to Inspire.

Simple and true

Elephants are lovely creatures. They have a special charm about them. Here they are in a quite simplified version made by
Umbrella Prints. Sweet Elephant!


Colors and Carriage

I love the colors of this baby carriage from Maxi Cosi. It is last years edition, and I am planning to buy one today. Maybe I shoud get one of these nice diaper bags from oioi to go with it?


Penguins and babies

This penguin wallpaper made me smile. You can find it at Isak. Seems to be the only wallpaper there, but I hope they will make more!!


Listening to jazz

Formigrafisk is a colorful glimpse of the daily life of a Norwegian graphic designer. The travel box for watercolor, she made from an old cigar case. I especially like that she blogs about the music she's listening to. Good, quality Norwegian jazz. You can find both Sidsel Endresen and Nils Petter Molvær on Spotify.

I Do?

Are you looking for good ideas for your wedding? Or even for some freebies, such as clipart, fonts and lovely, printable lables? I would take a look at this blog: iDiY.
I love the design of the invites. I just had to download the gorgeous font Carpenter. You can do it too – at Fonts101!
And I like this Free Doily Clipart, and I would also like to try the idea about customizing my own soap. Happy!


Vintage Resource

I am just having too much fun playing with the images posted at The Vintage Moth. A blog where you can find old images, and go creatively nuts making art for you home, or perhaps a beautiful card for someone you love.
I would like my collage transferred to a china mug or a vase.

Babies & pattern

Found some nice baby clothes at Huset. This is Phister & Philina, a colorful and fun brand with beautiful colors and patterns. The animals are cute, and I love the fuzzy coat.



Just a few picks from Ikea's PS collection at the end of the day.


Colorful fabrics

Today I have found inspiration in the blog called Makiato. There's just something about those bright colors and naïve patterns of the seventies. It makes me so happy, and I feel more drawn to it than ever before. Perhaps the pregnancy is making me nostalgic about my child hood, even though I spent most of it in the 80'ies...
Here's a few of my favorites!


Changing table

Heres what I dream my changing table will look like. Changing table, rug and mobile from Ikea. Wallpapers from Tapetcafé.


If I should buy an old house, I would decorate with lots of wallpaper from Tapettitalo. It has such a broad specter of styles. Anything from William Morris to the seventies. It's amazing!



Elephants are on my mind these days, so I had to do a drawing. I used a picture of some colored masking tape as my palette. The text reads: Three elephants came marching ... along the spiders fine web. From a childrens song.


Be Yourself

I was inspired by this quote on Spagats blog, and I did my own interpretation of it in Photoshop.

– Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
Oscar wilde


Fine Artist - Miss Joey Holder

Watch this video interview from YouTube. And see her portfolio at Absolute Arts.


Wonderful, wonderful!

I love this dining room, with its table, chairs and chandelier. And that gorgeous painting! And the bedroom – such wonderful colors and details!! design*sponge


Little Friend

Something amazing is happening inside me! This is a photo of my little friend at week 10 of the pregnancy. The baby is 8 weeks old here. It is only 34 mm (1,3") long, and he or she was already moving!
Life is such a beautiful miracle! Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks pregnant.


Happy Birthday!

So many members of my family have their birthday this month. So I am celebrating with a birthdaycard. I wanted to do something with the classic light bulb. They are saying it is going to be banned here in Norway, as of next year. And I think it is a shame. Just because it is so beautiful... So I played around with a photo from StockXchange, and tried to make something sparkling from an otherwise gray and dull picture.
So happy birthday to everyone born in march!