Instant inspiration

As soon as I click in on Papya Art, I knew I liked it. Papya Art was founded by a mother/daughter team. I love their credo:

Creative Abandon is our credo. To us it means that we ultimately answer to our creative impulses. We believe in a no apologies policy of artistic & manufacturing experimentation. We will always make paper giveables AND we may just throw a shower curtain into the mix at any time! So be alert. PAPAYA! is a place for exploring, discovering, and enjoying a myriad of goods. It is our goal that you be just as surprised and delighted as we are. It also means we won’t be making anything just because “it sells”. Our promise to you is that everything we make - we love.

So here's a splurge, mostly giclee prints from their decor department, but I am also throwing in two pictures of their wrapping paper.

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jordbærpiken said...

Kjempelekre bilder! Så koselig at du besøkte bloggen min, Anne Olaug! :) Hvordan er formen? Føding snart? :)